Pricing Your Services

This is such an emotional issue for each of us. It has us questioning our own self-worth, comparing ourselves to low-cost alternatives like buying a book on amazon. But each of us is running a business and when we make a pricing decision, it is deeply and intricately bound up with the story we are telling the client and the story the client is telling themselves about the value of our services.

Pricing is bound up with the rest of the dietitian’s marketing i.e. the story the dietitian tells and the client hears about the dietitian’s services. Marketing is a core skill for every business owner because understanding how clients think about buying decisions is critical. Here’s a great free resource that makes it all come together so that you can free yourself from the internal pricing debate and charge what you are worth.

About the Author

Stephanie Figon, MS, RDN, LD

Founder of NutriScape.NET. As a dietitian since 1992, Steph Figon has had experiences in consulting, 15 years in clinical, and has operated a private practice nutrition counseling office for since 2011. Connect on Linkedin