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Pricing Your Services
This is such an emotional issue for each of us. It has us questioning our own self-worth, comparing ourselves to low-cost alternatives like buying a book on amazon. But each of us is running a business and when we make a pricing decision, it is deeply and intricately bound up with the story we are… Read more Read more
Become a NutriScape Telehealth Provider!
Why NutriScape.NET? When dietitians consider self-employment and freelance work, we find barriers to entry that can feel overwhelming—branding, marketing, business licenses, tax Read more
The Onboarding Process For Joining NutriScape
No doubt about it, there’s a process to go through to begin providing telehealth online. From choosing a HIPAA-compliant portal to planning for your accounting processes, NutriScape Read more
Setting Up Your Nutrition Counseling Business
NutriScape’s mission is to support independent dietitian businesses including setting up your nutrition counseling business and digital product offerings. While nothing written here Read more
Writing Your RDN Profile Page
Dietitians provide nutrition & diet counseling to clients online over telehealth for weight loss, diabetes, eating disorders, digestive problems, IBS, cholesterol, and other nutrition Read more
MNT vs. Education/Coaching
How Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) differs from Nutrition Coaching and Nutrition Education One of the things dietitians worry most about when providing telehealth services is staying Read more
Academy Contact List for State Licensure Agencies
The Academy Commission on Dietetic Registration has published this page where you can quickly link to your state dietetic licensure Link to Academy List
California Nutrition Regulation
Disclaimer: This post is not to be interpreted as legal advice (since we’re not lawyers). It can be pretty confusing to understand legal meanings when people say that there is no Read more
About E-Signatures
The process of doing business online involves having the client sign various legal agreements. Your telehealth platform will likely include standardized templates for these purposes. Here Read more
Center for Connected Health Policy
National Directory of Telehealth Laws Get links to insurance resources and the most up-to-date state telehealth laws here: Center For Connected Telehealth Search External Site