Writing Your RDN Profile Page

The Goal of Your Page: A Scheduled Appointment

Your dietitian profile page should have one goal—to convince the reader to schedule an appointment.  Your page should be so compelling (assuming the reader would actually be a good fit for you as a client) that your reader couldn’t say no without knowing it would be the wrong decision.

Your dietitian profile page should be written to evoke specific emotions in the reader that fix specific problems and tap into their core values. Otherwise, they are not likely to schedule an appointment with you no matter how much they need one.  And, if they are confused about what you offer, they will move on without scheduling.

Testimonials are Powerfully Convincing

Use 2 or 3.  Here’s a helpful video on getting testimonials.

Free Resources for Writing Your Dietitian Profile Page

There are some general principles to keep in mind when you sit down to write.  Incredible amounts of research have been put into the study of writing an effective sales page.  Principles are described in general in this link and in this video.

Dietitian Profile Examples

You can review hundreds of dietitians’ profile (sales) pages on HealthProfs.com.  You may find somewhere within these profiles certain lines of text that might really resonate with the type of clients you are seeking.  They say that every inspiration is really just copying things but you can’t remember where you saw them, so go ahead and feel free to be inspired!

Sources Who Could Review Your Profile Page

It’s a good idea to have others review your profile page and give you feedback.  Friends, colleagues, and clients are a great place to start.

Yet, there’s a science to selling that has something to do with tapping into your clients’ pain points on a deep emotional level. Since most of us get no training on that, it may be very worthwhile to have a marketing professional review your pitch.  Fiverr.com is a very low cost option. A business coach could be another great source of advice.

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