Become a NutriScape Telehealth Provider!

NutriScape Offers Two Options:

  1. The Telenutrition Profile Listing on NutriScape allows our readers to find your profile by entering their state of residence and requested specialty. This saves you time by effectively screening out clients outside your specialty and clients you would not be licensed to work with.
  2. The Full-Service Coaching and Marketing Package includes the profile listed above as well as support in setting up a new independent online practice and marketing to fill your schedule.

Option 1. Telenutrition Profile Listing

Have an Established Private Practice? We have designed this option for dietitians with established private practice businesses who would like to establish a presence on the NutriScape TeleNutrition site.

Cost: $14.99/month [$7.99/month Forever Founder’s Discount through December 2021]

What’s Included:

Telehealth profile page listings in the RD’s state of licensure plus 16 other states that do not require a license purchase for MNT.

Setup of the initial Profile page on the NutriScape Telenutrition search site:

  • Dietitian’s profile text.
  • Option to embed a video.
  • Option to embed an online scheduler.
  • Access to edit your profile independently.

Option 2. Full Service Coaching and Marketing Services

New to the Telehealth Nutrition Business? We have designed this option for dietitians who are new to telehealth. This is a good fit for dietitians who need help with the initial steps of setting up a telehealth nutrition business and want business coaching and full-service marketing assistance to help fill their schedules.

Cost: Monthly Marketing Fee = 20% of Online Revenue (local revenue is excluded is from the fee).

What’s Included:

Telehealth profile page listings in the RD’s state of licensure plus 16 other states that do not require a license purchase for MNT.

Setup of the Dietitian’s Profile page on the NutriScape Telenutrition search site (as described above).

New Business Answers & Coaching:

  • Business setup- Sole Proprietor vs. LLC
  • Banking and bookkeeping answers
  • Tax considerations
  • NPI and Tax ID answers
  • Insurance vs. Cash & Superbill

Telehealth Portal Initial Setup

  • Help with Kalix or Setup and integration with NutriScape Profile Page

Why NutriScape?

When dietitians consider self-employment and freelance work, we find barriers to entry that can feel overwhelming—the branding, marketing, business licenses, tax questions, website, HIPAA, and telehealth portal technology. NutriScape staff can help you find quick solutions to all these start-up challenges.

Help With Finding Nutrition Clients

And then, there is the biggest problem, by far, when offering services online. How do you attract a steady stream of clients looking for help within your specialty and how can you market nationwide without violating state laws.

Help With Screening for Your Ideal Clients

NutriScape.NET is designed and built as a registered dietitian’s ideal ecosystem for entrepreneurship. NutriScape.NET is the only online site designed to provide the range and scale we need to create a natural “marketing funnel” to efficiently connect individual dietitians to the right niche clients searching for their specific services.

Enjoy The Freedom to Set Up Your Business Your Way

Your own hours and prices. Have some “no shows”? NutriScape’s availability feature can let clients know you’re available immediately in real-time. Name your specialty. Work from anywhere over a secure HIPAA compliant portal. Receive referrals from the NutriScape.NET website for clients in your state of licensure and many other states with licensure laws that don’t require the purchase of a state license.  Your page will be promoted to your local healthcare providers and will benefit from the organic traffic on the network to connect with clients searching for the answers only a dietitian can provide.

Maintain Your Independence

You will be working directly for the client and will be paid directly by them through the online systems.  You will be operating as an independent business person and will be responsible for following all relevant business laws in your state of operation.

NutriScape Markets Your Services

Medical Providers: NutriScape markets online telenutrition services to medical providers across the country. But, for RDNs who opt for our full-service coaching and marketing package, NutriScape’s virtual assistants go out of our way to market to medical offices and referral sources most likely to refer your ideal clients.

Organic Web Traffic and Social Media Marketing: NutriScape provides the massive online web presence needed to assure that users looking for the exact services you offer will be able to find you. You can also boost your presence on our site by offering articles in your specialty or recipes.

Real-Time Availability Feature: You can alert potential clients to your immediate availability with the flip of a switch. This allows you to fill in unused hours in your schedule while meeting the client’s desire for immediate answers.

Get Online and Earning Fast

We Set up Your NutriScape.NET Web Page

NutriScape.NET will set up your profile page, including your professional biography and specialty areas.  Clients in specific states will be able to access your profile page.  You’ll never have to worry about running afoul of state licensure laws because the system allows access only to clients in states whose licensure laws allow you to legally provide medical nutrition therapy via telehealth services.

You Choose your Telehealth Portal vs. Kalix Telehealth Portal features for dietitians

We Help Set up Your NutriScape.NET Presence

NutriScape will set up your profile page on the Telenutrition site at NutriScape.NET.

Your NutriScape profile page will show your automated appointment calendar.  NutriScape staff will customize your initial appointment schedule and integrate the appointment system with the payment processor.   The client can be prompted for payment when the appointment is booked and Kalix can be set up to send email reminders directing them to your Kalix online portal.


The Kalix platform offers an excellent balance of cost, simplicity, and functionality. It was designed specifically for our profession by a registered dietitian. The Kalix Virtual Practice Plan integrates an EMR and calendar with a HIPAA compliant telehealth portal that allows you to charge your clients in advance for your appointment. Details are available on the Kalix YouTube Channel.

If you want complete flexibility and work-life balance, you may want to skip the appointment booking process altogether. NutriScape’s real-time availability feature allows you to pop online with complete flexibility as you juggle kids’ lunches and soccer practice. The Professional Plan is an excellent choice for accepting unscheduled clients generated by NutriScape web traffic. It is by far the simplest portal as it does not offer a calendar or medical records system. Clients pay by credit card during the online session.

We Integrate Your NutriScape Profile Page, Telehealth Portal, and Payment Processor

NutriScape.NET offers assistance in setting up your online credit card processing account with Stripe and will connect this account with your online portal and appointment systems.  At this point, your system will be ready to connect you with clients and receive their payments automatically deposited into your business bank account.

In order to determine monthly fees and provide administrative support, NutriScape.NET requires ongoing administrative access to the online meeting portal and limited view-only access to your Stripe account.

Gather Your Documents

Whether you choose the Profile Option or the Full-Service Marketing & Coaching Package, you will want to Download the RDN onboarding checklist here. This will help you gather the documents needed to get your system set up.

Talk with Our Team

Our team is looking forward to talking with you about your business goals. You can access our schedules here.

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